Timber Floors are easy to maintain with the correct tools. What you need is a ‘Electro-static Mop’. Ask about our large size, which will last you a lifetime as the mop head is removable and hand washable with a wool wash type of detergent.

On completion of each installation we supply you with a floor maintenance programme depending on the type of finish you have chosen (be it either Oil or Polyurethane). We do not recommend washing a timber floor, but if you do need to wipe off or remove sticky marks or scuff marks, then a very well wrung out cloth or mop with methylated spirit should remove most marks.Dry any surface water immediately.

With Tung oil finish a product such as ‘Gemini’ can be applied to hide any surface scratches. A product such as this is applied with a cotton mop and applied to a tung oil floor as a 3-6 monthly maintenance programme will keep your floor looking like new.

Upon completion of your floor we will provide you with statement of our warranty which will cover the floor for bad workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months. Our maintenance schedule will advise you on maintaining your particular floor and advise you what to do to keep the floor in good condition for as long as possible.